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      Anthony Manrique, first-year journalism. "Drake, because he's really influential. A lot of young people like him and that's enough influence to make the country look cool.”

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      Emma King and Adjani Ngako Toussom, first-year journalism. King: "I don't know who yet, but I would choose a feminist. There are a lot of feminist issues we're facing. Can I say Norm Kelly? My answer is now Norm Kelly." Ngako Toussom: “My Grade 11 law teacher. He wasn’t ambiguous and he actually knew what he said. Wait, is Ryan Gosling Canadian? Or can I change my answer to Drake?”

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      Taylor Patience, first-year nursing. "I'd have to say Pierre Trudeau. Before when he was optimistic and open about Canada. He helped cement French Canadian and English Canadian relationships."

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      Phoebe Leung, fourth-year graphics communications management. “I would say Anne Hathaway. She's my role model. I really admire her. She doesn't have much bad news about her. When she talks it all makes sense.”

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      Bronwyn Turp, first-year photography. “Keith Richards. I feel like he’d keep things interesting.”

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      George McQueen, fifth-year international economics and finance. "Winston Churchill. He’s quite brash.”

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      Anthony Spiteri, first-year engineering. "I’d say Grumpy Cat. Who doesn't like cats?”

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      Stefano Salerno, first-year business management. "Pierre Trudeau. We need a strong leader but a compassionate leader at the same one. We need someone who fits that bill.”

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      Victoria Porco, second-year biomedical sciences; Stefano Martelli, second-year medical physics; and Joanna Tucci, second-year biology. Initially they all agreed on Drake. Porco: "We should have chosen Einstein. Can we switch our answer? Mostly because he developed what we study. He's just a really smart guy with cool opinions on the world.”

    We asked Ryerson students to name their ideal prime minister

    By Robyn Sheremeta

    “Anyone but Harper” is scrawled across the social media timelines of many a disgruntled Canadian. There are websites devoted to ousting the current prime minister by voting strategically and a Facebook event called Stephen Harper Going Away Party, with more than 300,000 confirmed “guests.” But who would you choose to be PM if you actually could oust Harper?

    We asked Ryerson students who they would elect, living or dead, Canadian or not, to lead our true north strong and free, and while some of the answers weren’t surprising at all (an overwhelming number of students chose Drake), others were more unexpected.

    Not many students were willing to be photographed the Friday before a long weekend — probably because they’ve run out of clean laundry — but those who did had some insightful answers.


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